Via Sacra: A Revolutionary Threat

She refused to wear the Red and Black bandana around her neck. Argued that all Literature and Poetry was still as important as the new revolutionary works being introduced into education. She did not implement theatrical war reenactments as part of her curriculum. For this she was fired and branded "A threat to the revolution."

From there our lives became a path to total destitution, which forced my mother to leave the country with the help of a diplomat friend from Brazil. Ironically, these memories were triggered by my mother's feelings about the last administration, because like me, she couldn't help to notice and fear the same increasing similarities to the regime of the country we loved and were forced to escape. The working title for this piece is “Sacra” I found it so poignant that it’s Latin for Desterrada or Exiled. My very bloodline is composed of two groups: The Sandinistas and Somoza supporters. It's a long story, but what my Nicaraguan rearing did shape me into was to become totally anti-despot. Left, Right, Up, Down, Religious or Atheist... I can't support despotism. That's my ideal and I think it's important.

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