Two Simultaneous Exhibitions by FdlM Open at The CAMP Gallery in Westport, CT

Franck de las Mercedes

An Autumnal Ode to Seasons Past


A New Materialist Myth

November - December 31, 2021

The CAMP Gallery 190 Main Street, Westport, CT 06880

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday. 12pm - 5pm


For Immediate Release: Westport, CT - The CAMP Gallery, Westport’s brand new art gallery and performance space, invites you to an unprecedented art experience with works by internationally recognized artist Franck de las Mercedes (FdlM).

Gallery B

In his series of Archetypes, de las Mercedes incorporates two contrasting philosophies: that of Jungian archetypes, and spiritual ideas affixed to tarot cards. In so doing, he entwines concepts of science and spirituality, and logic and emotion through his self portraits. This effectively makes him the vessel that both carries and acts on these variances, and at the same time he becomes, in his world, the ideal—the character that embodies not only the characteristics of the two conflicting worlds but illuminates balance through a fundamental understanding of these dualities. One result from this commingling is an abundance of energy best found in the artist’s painterly manner, which often seems to mimic an attack on the canvas or the battle of birth. It becomes abundantly clear through the application of paint that not only is this innate to de las Mercedes’ approach, but that in addition to creating his universe on canvas, he recognizes and welcomes energy—a sense of electricity, which is desperately needed for any entity to survive.

Gallery A

Paying homage to the birth and struggle of the Spring, now as we enter into the Winter, we look back at de las Mercedes’ floral works and remember how the year began and look forward to the assuredly of rebirth just a few months away.

Drawing on the notion of a certitude in spring growth, this exhibition explores not only the cyclical quality of seasons, but also the artist’s repeated return to the subject.

But there is more, and an interesting marriage between his artistic practice and how nature blooms. FdlM creates works bursting with both color and energy. Not only are his works overflowing with vibrancy, their very making resembles the process of digging and planting as the artist scrapes his paint onto his canvas or paper, often filling his studio with the sounds reminiscent of machines tearing up a surface - this quality likens the process to the unheard sounds and violence of blooming and budding flowers as they break through the bonds of Winter.

"From a literal bouquet of flowers to archetypal themes or exploring the notion of skulls, de las Mercedes often serves as a reminder of the cyclical nature of the natural environment, as we still today look forward to its nature of repeat and return, and he aids in reminding us, even in the winter months of darkness, that soon all will be bright once again. De las Mercedes, affords the viewer with freedom - freedom to bring inside nature, without disturbing it, and the freedom to imagine the action involved in the work, freedom to connect to artistic practices founded in yesteryear, freedom to imagine all that is bursting within the work, and the knowledge that all of this is the artist’s intent." Melanie Prapopoulos, CAMP Founder, Curator

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