The Sage – Material Freedom

Choose a path, decide. Everything will be provided for you as soon as you break free of the confusion. Only consulting your cosmic inner voice can help you overcome indecision, the lure of the material world and the challenges pulling you in different directions. Find moments alone to be in silence. Addressing all your emotions with your creativity leads to illumination and freedom from illness and mental wandering.

This is a moment of self-knowledge and transformation. Tap into the starry night of your soul and the revelations of your inner fire. Only you can define the mystery of existence for yourself. The way out is within, and the gift of wisdom is total freedom. Do your best and let the universe do the rest.

Shadow of the Sage.

Emotional: reserve, resignation, withdrawal, uncommunicative, pessimism, unsociable, melancholy, grumpy old man.

Physical: loneliness, isolation.

Mental: relentless introspection, self‐torment, too much consciousness, paralysis by analysis, pedantic, picky, misanthrope.

Spiritual: recluse, solitary, hermit, outsider, lone wolf.

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