The Ruler. Complete Beingness

The series is based on the contrast between light and shadow in each archetype. The Ruler concept and his shadow applies to the times we live in.

The Ruler's Shadow.

Emotional: stubborn, coward, weak, passive‐aggressive, manipulative, antisocial personality disorder. Physical: tyrant, brutal, abuse of physical or financial power, impotent.

Mental: prejudice, indecision, rigidity, paranoia, perfectionism.

Spiritual: lack of conscience, religious oppression, preoccupation with immortality

The Ruler's light:

When the ruler masters self by acknowledging and integrating the shadow. He is an active, conceptive force. An element of air, harmony and balance and a guiding light.

Emotional: leadership, authority, confidence.

Physical: power, masculinity, virility, potency, law, stability, organization.

Mental: will, conviction, reason, logic, intellect, principle.

Spiritual: mediator between heaven and earth.

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