The Bound Man: Held By Self Limitation.

Everything that bounds you still, is now a product of your own creation. Even the past harm done to you by others, you must take responsibility for cleaning up, to be free. Ignoring the inner struggle only tightens the bond. Don’t disregard your own shadow. Knowing your own darkness feeds your creative awareness so that you can release emotional and spiritual blockages, this is the cleansing.

Don’t disregard human dignity but acknowledge that you’re not responsible for all the perils in life. Break ties from the addictions, toxic beliefs, and people who until now have kept a grip on your freewill and hindered your creative mission. Learn to differentiate what is thought or feeling, allowing your left and right brain to find balance to fuel your creativity. Find ways to make yourself laugh always. While you’re at it, laugh at yourself a little more.


Emotional: addiction to emotions or relationships, all things that block free will.

Physical: addiction to substances (drugs, money, food, clothes, sex).

Mental: addiction to ideas of and power (hierarchy), political extremism.

Spiritual: addiction to spirituality (fundamentalism, religious fanaticism), black magic, bondage, malevolence, evil.

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