The Balance: Into What Matters.

This card is about the flow of energy. How you balance and distribute your energy is key in your decision making and creating the world you want to live in. You have the power to choose your own way, judge what’s best for you, and release the rest. Learn the lessons from intended and unintended consequences. Separate fact from fantasy.

The sword of judgement allows you to detach and cut through ambivalence and confusion to live in fairness and us your free will. Immerse yourself in your creative energy, handle it and use it to cut through the preconceptions and prejudices that make life off-balance. Good or bad, only your fairness and decision-making can bring what’s coming to you.

Shadow Archetype.

Emotional: bias, dishonesty, lying, deception, restless sleeper, crooked.

Physical: fraud, stealing, embezzlement, theft, larceny.

Mental: poor judgement, injustice, intolerance.

Spiritual: venal, degenerate, debased, decadent, lawless, amoral.

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