Temperate Man: Growing Through

Your understanding of the elements brings about balance in the management of all your affairs. You know when to act and how. As a chemist or alchemist, you combine cosmic, earthy wisdom to grow projects that bring about the expansion of consciousness to your tribe. The forces of nature are with you and fuel your capacity to face reality and apply common sense and street smarts. You’re now finding greater harmony between conscious and unconscious, inner life and outer life. Apply all findings and revelations to your creative work. This understanding of interconnectedness in your world makes the world a more hospitable place for yourself and others. Grow on through.


Emotional: discord, disunion, lack of cooperation, gauche, tactless.

Physical: cityfied, clumsiness, over‐civilised.

Mental: conflict of interest, competition.

Spiritual: going against the grain, fighting nature, misuse of resources, enslavement of matter.

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