Young @ Art: Take It To The Limit

Updated: Mar 29

Everything changed and I became a better artist when I decided to accept my limitations. Even with a boundless amount of talent, creativity, and imagination, an artist must become aware of his limits. Once I recognized my limitations and acknowledged what I could and couldn’t do, I focused on what I was really good at, perfected it; while sorting out the areas in which I needed to learn more and improve. With this approach, I found myself surpassing many limitations through hard work and dedication. I also didn’t feel as pressured as I did before. Creativity is power. But I realized telling myself “You can do anything. Nothing is impossible!!!” was like telling myself “Get on your kayak, set sail, cross the ocean and you will reach Europe!” Not impossible to attempt, perhaps… but well… There’s a limitation there to acknowledge.

The Plank Studio 2000

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