You walk in a metropolis of warped ideas, where there is disregard for ritual and street processions. Instead of leaves, you now step on stubs numbered with ephemeral hope. No one could see you, though you walk naked and unsteadily. Few could hear you, as you're screaming to your death. In that cheap high, you begin to walk a little faster, determined to uncover a more attractive side of town. © 2002 Franck de las Mercedes

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You, the center of space Nobody's watching your vast sea of insecurities Tough affliction, to crave love A blessing in disguise, to discharge anger God only knows why you give up ©2003 Franck de


Do you know how to find it? Do you know how to be? Have you seen all the lightning blaze the forbidden tree? All the people seem happy cause they're coming to see, a show made out of nothing from a g


You visit though they never really see you Uninvited Unannounced With your silence and indifference You visit You visit Like a ghost materialized out of neglect You visit them You visit, but don't eve