Released Man. Into A New Way Of Seeing

Sudden changes are upsetting all systems in the emotional and material realm. But this is a chance for self-realization and a new way of seeing life. You’ve come to understand and resolve your inner division.

The old structures are crumbling, and you must now design your new model by employing the power of left and right brain in balance with one another. All attachments and old beliefs have been struck by lighting, leaving you with the “I AM”. Open yourself up to understanding, let go of dependency, and egocentric ambitions.

Dissolve all the materialistic attitudes that are holding you back. What may look like collapse, consequence, and shattering of your mirror for self reflection, is but an inner natural disaster that will result in your liberation. The old tower collapses to make way for the new one designed and built by you. From the emotional rubble and debris, you rise as a being of illumination, awakening, ascending into full creative force. This creative and spiritual liberation is a gift to the world and those you love.


Emotional: disgrace, destruction, ruin, downfall.

Physical: misfortune, sudden adversity, bankruptcy.

Mental: loss of meaning.

Spiritual: existential disorientation, nothing worth living for, suicide.

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