Inner Child: Bringing Light Through The Shadow.

Your inner child is born out of the womb of the unconscious, and it is a personification of vital forces outside the limited conscious mind. It represents the strongest urge and compulsion to self-realization. The child archetype influences our perception, interpretations, and understanding of the world around us. You must now let go of the reluctance to explore and explore your unmet desires as a child. Confront immature behaviors that lead to dysfunctional relationships and poor decision-making. Discover the wound of your child and open yourself to parent, nurture, and raise that child.

To practice self-love is to parent the inner child. This archetype brings both the conscious side (light) and unconscious side (dark/shadow), and our independence on one end and dependence on the other end. You must learn to balance responsibility and how much you want to depend on others or allow others to depend on you. Acknowledge the needs of your inner child and integrate your childhood which will enable you to cultivate your creativity. Be curious, playful, but communicate with this child so it reveals the wound of your inner child archetype. Be present and address the emotional challenges of today that are rooted in your past.When you become in touch with your child archetype you begin to see the world through his eyes, full of wonder, activating your imagination. renewing energy, building new things, and seeing your creativity flourish.

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