Hanged Man – The Pure Paradox

You feel at a standstill because everything you’ve believed in is being challenged. You must now lose the old self to find the self. The world seems upside down but has opened a door for you to rethink old priorities and see things in a new way. You can no longer depend on the old limited model of intellect, family beliefs, dogma, and imposed values. Now that this cosmic part of you has been revealed with much force you feel in limbo, but you hold the key.

Surrender to the spontaneous creative urges. Tap into your spirit to discover the new way. Your sacrifice and suffering had led to this growth of personality and have awakened the heart of your consciousness. You can live hanging between a dead past and the fertile promise that is "the now", or you can surrender to your paradox to exercise the power of your creativity and wisdom.


Emotional: avoidance of suffering, restoration of the persona, refusal to let go.

Physical: resistance to change and death, unnecessary sacrifice.

Mental: unrealised ideas, things left undone, obligations not kept, traitor, promiscuous unselfishness.

Spiritual: spiritual stagnation.

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