Fellow Artist: Carlos Rivera, Influenced by his upbringing

Updated: Feb 21

I met Carlos at an art event and in Washington Heights. We talked for a while and as it usually happens these days we started following each other on Instagram. What struck me immediately about is photographs was how involved with his subjects he appears to be. he's not just getting close for the sake of a good capture. I usually ask fellow artists to send photos which I then select for each piece. It was hard to leave anything out and so I'm presenting this one with 2 slideshows.

Photo by Edgar Santana

How did photography come into your life?

Art has always been a part of my life, thank you mom! She would take us to art festivals, fairs and museums as a child. My influences start from there, my upbringing. I took a photo entry class early in High School out of curiosity. I found the classroom setting boring, I didn’t want to hear instructions, I just wanted to go shoot. I decided to stop going to class pursuing other interests. Years later it came back in my life at a transition point as a form of therapy, self expression & exploration. I’m also a DJ, been doing that since my teens, deciding to take a break from music I found myself sitting around, creative energies screaming inside looking for an outlet.

Borrowed a camera from a friend and I started to experiment with photography again, this time around the streets of NYC, which has become my classroom. Day or night?

Sunset into night. Catching that last hour of sun until up to about an hour or two after the sunset is always special… you know what? Mid way answering this I’m gonna say night. I don’t shoot as often as I'd like but yes, night for sure.

Who is your subject?

The city is my subject, the objects and people tell the story

What about what you see, tells you "This is a photo”?

Many different things, mostly a feeling. A moment that feels like a memory, instant nostalgia, my intuition speaks to me when shooting street photography. On the citys-cape side it's more of documenting things I believe will not be here much longer; and/or whatever that catches my attention and brings me peace. There is so much going on at all times in NYC, when you find those moments it will speak to you, you learn to listen to yourself.

Favorite NYC neighborhood to shoot?

It varies, anything above 96th St, I’m here. The Heights/Inwood both are my fav, I usually start in The Heights and end in Inwood. Which images were shown at "NY Responds" 2020-21and "ICP Concerned" 2020?

Both Museum city of NY and International Center of Photography are images from the civil unrest of 2020. You could say my generations' 1968. Important images I am very proud to have been present for and documented. Is it lines, composition or structure that attract you about cityscapes?

Lines. Leading lines help a composition, I use leading lines as a guide to a focus point. Harsh light and shadows attract me to cityscapes. I will chase that shadow any day of the week, you have short window to catch that moment once the light hits where you want. Has the city changed you?

Changed no, grow personally and artistically yes. What has photography taught you?

Through photography I’ve learned to create unapologetically and freely, follow my vision. Missed opportunities are a chance to reflect, reset & regroup. You learn to be more patient & aware of your surroundings. I definitely look at life differently. What's next and where can people see more of your work or stay in touch? Next for me will be something very close and personal to me I’ve been working on for some time, very excited to finish this project and share it with the world. You can connect with me on my website www.eyeshootnyc.com there you can find prints that are available for purchase, you can also find me on instagram @eyeshootnyc and through my hashtag #yerrruptown which I closed a month long exhibit for late last year at Buunni Cafe in Inwood, for any other contact or work I can be emailed at eyeshootnyc@gmail.com website or IG, peace and love!.

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