Every Year the Flowers Bloom: CAMP Gallery IGTV Artist Talk w FdlM

An IGTV conversation on history, resilience and beauty living through art with artist Franck de las Mercedes.

"Today, still meshed in that nature barren world, we often look to the external and distant to connect with nature, but more often than not, as a visitor. De las Mercedes, in drawing on the poppy and other flowers and their links to releasing imagination from a contrived and ordered world, affords the viewer with freedom - freedom to bring inside nature, without disturbing it, and the freedom to imagine the action involved in the work, freedom to connect to artistic practices founded in yesteryear, freedom to imagine all that is bursting within the work, and the knowledge that all of this is the artist’s intent."- Every Year the Flowers Bloom Statement

Pictured above is Lima Flower. Franck de las Mercedes. 30 × 38 in. Acrylic on canvas.

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