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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

1985! Shortly after landing in Newark Airport and finally reuniting with our mother after three traumatic years, we arrived in NYC via the GW Bridge. We were immediately informed (and reminded from there on-every time we crossed it), that it was the bridge where Johnny Weissmuller (AKA Tarzan) had performed his famous dive. Later in life I found out it was the Brooklyn Bridge Johnny had jumped from. But Hollywood wasn't across that bridge back then and the Charles Bronson's Death Wish set could never recreate what parts of our new neighborhood looked like. We had escaped a war zone and had arrived at a different type of war zone. But it was America, people were different and had swagger. It was loud and despite their struggles, people were literally dancing on the street. There was a new kind of warmth; it was all beautiful and we were all survivors after similar dreams.

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