Dead Man. Renewal And Transformation

Contrary to popular belief, the message of this archetype is of rebirth. Put your feet on the ground. Stop walking on the remains of dead ideas, beliefs, habits, and the past. This is your creative journey, for you to experience it fully, but the past needs to die and you need to die to the past. Don’t walk on the trail of bones and skulls of those who walked the path before, and didn’t make it or gave up.

Don’t stop to entertain their stories and move forward to create your own. The fist step may seem scary, but true death is in not taking it. Let your feet touch the grass and feel the spirit of the earth. Create by employing all physical sensations, be present in each moment to awaken consciousness, and open yourself to new life and the promise of a limitless creative life.

Shadow. Emotional: boredom, blunted affect.

Physical: immobility, fossilised, near death or narrow escape.

Mental: denial of death, fantasies of immortality.

Spiritual: inertia, lethargy, sleep, comatose.

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