Breaking from Abstraction

For quite a while I've been struggling with saying things through my art that I've realized can only be said by breaking from abstraction. Though I have kept a record of this in the form of studies on paper, I have reached a point where I can no longer ignore this desire nor put away-after each minor attempt.

I've decided it is time I took a break from everything else, and once and for all explored this new way of working; on canvas and with the subjects at hand. I need to see where it takes me. The representational has been surfacing in my art for a while now, but I think now the figure needs to lead.

This departure is references Nicaraguan Primitivism fused with my urban style and influences. It's not a definite departure from painting abstraction I don't think, but I have to trust the muse and go for it.

In addition to the new paintings, I'll be sharing some of the studies and works in progress and I do plan on showing some at my upcoming open studio this summer. I’m nervous and psyched.

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