Blackstract Expressionism : Coming in 2021

I go where the search takes me. This is an inward search into the depths of my inner shadow, memory, and emotional variant. I’m not concerned with style, originality, or perfection. I want to release my findings and revelation into the substrate. I want to create a body of work that reflects my own unsorted psyche.

If my NeoCodex series communicates thoughts, colors and figure, this series I’ve been working on, “#BlackstractExpressionism” should address the primal, unconscious, and abstract part of the inner journey. It’s in black and white because I’m utilizing lost abstract works that burned in the fire as a starting point. They come from the ashes. I also aim to capture the dark imagery seen when I first close my eyes to meditate. The series is challenging myself to pushing the tones of grayscale to create depth and even perspective through monochromatic abstraction.

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