About the Work: The Sorcerer

The shadow of The Sorcerer is boastful, deceptive, grandiose, and narcissistic. He could become a con artist and exploiter always faking it. He does not commit to anything, he's unreliable, a liar, and a crook who lacks willpower. He's a devious manipulator and spiritual charlatan, an imposter or false guru turned cult leader.

But his true nature is active, conceptive. One who consults the sun. He is an element of fire, bringing illumination and enlightenment. His self‐confidence, charisma and optimism are influential. He develops great skill, dexterity, and craftsmanship in any undertaking. He has the gift of adaptability and is a self‐starter and entrepreneur who makes things happen. He uses concentration, will power, and focus on any challenge that may present itself.

His intent is to affirm his purpose and desire for knowledge. He's goal‐oriented with a lot of drive.

His desire is to live and inspire, to change the world. To share his originality and creativity. His gifts and light position him as his culture's medicine man, alchemist, healer, and doctor.

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