About the Work: The Shaman's Healing Hand

Life's cosmic evolutionary spiral is a symbol of evolution. The inner and outer universe, the never-ending cycle of growth, creative unfoldment and the revelation of the creative Self and journey. The spiral is a cycle of separation from monotony and the union of opposites.

It represents personal history, assuming responsibility for your story (past, present and future). In the spiral we begin to see ourselves as the dream of generations past, facing the choice of drafting the dream for new generations of seekers.

Your life is a wandering story, a circular trail capturing feelings, images, and fleeting associations through the states of human consciousness. Each row is composed of archetypal events that shape you.

It is YOU - writing your own story of growth within the confines of the collective. But you must now begin to detach and evolve from the past and define your own path outside the collective. You become the seeker of new experiences with a higher desire to evolve from mundane everyday consciousness. This new awakening can unveil the aristocratic, hierarchical, and unequal aspects of life, not designed by you. You develop a sense of social justice, equality, and fairness. In the spiral you begin to accept that not everyone experiences the states of consciousness you've experienced. You realize life as a spiral in which the traveler takes an inward or outward journey, revealing the psychopathology, or wrong-headed nature in some. A New Age awakens your familiarity with the higher states of creative consciousness.

You’re open to experience more states of “non-ordinary reality” and a journey into the depths of profound experiences. The ills you’ve experienced or see around you can often dissipate by “sharing” this journey. Your newfound creative bliss and mystical consciousness will go with you from now on.

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