About the Work: The Fool's New Journey

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

The fool comes to realize that his journey begins by facing his inner shadow. For far too long he stood naively in an emotionally apathetic and gullible state that only immersed him in acts of folly. He recognizes his self infatuation, childish antics and the lack of boundaries that have made him appear intoxicated, disreputable, and irresponsible. Repressing the shadow only led to erratic ways and poor decision‐making that left him wrongly identifying as an air‐ head, stupid, senseless, irrational, thoughtless, hare‐brained entity. But in this spiritual and dark frenzy, the fool enters the creative rapture that reveals that his blindness, lack of purpose and poor objectivity were not designed by him. In this moment he shines light on his shadow and becomes receptive and more creative, willing to start from Zero and bring light into the void. He takes on his own path discovering he's still innocent, childlike, enthusiastic, and trusting. He must remain loyal to his own nature, embrace feminine creative energies, and approach the voyage with a sense of humor, genuineness, and integrity. The fool believes beginner’s luck; taking a chance, and leaps of faith I order to overcome the shadow and draw his own map. He now knows to proceed with caution, while remaining adventurous, risk‐ taking and allowing himself to act on gut instinct. His spiritual yearning now finds magic in the ordinary as he takes on a new journey, unburdened by knowledge or experience.

The Fool - 2021

Pigment print, acrylic and ink block on canvas paper

24" x 30"

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