A Birthday Realization

This birthday realization has been a powerful and mind-blowing one. I realized that NOT ONE of my childhood or adolescent dreams came true. Some choices and a force in the universe steered me (at times abruptly) into a totally unexpected life, full of pleasant surprises that have proven bigger and more fulfilling than my dreams. I remained open and I’m grateful for it. I never thought I'd become an artist as a child, but it was the best thing for me, and I wouldn’t change it for anything else.

A lot of baggage got in the way of my dreams too, but the art got in the way of that baggage. Painting offered a way for me to quit trying to fill the void and opened a window to dive in it, explore it and release what's inside instead. As we heal wounds, I know the childhood dreams can still become a reality through my work.

FdlM, Age 5

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