20 Years Of Independence

After 20 years in the art game, I’m quite certain I never fit the mold of a creative mob psychology nor an establishment who dictates what's acceptable or worthy. That rejection didn’t stop me from pursuing my career independently and making the art that I wanted to make, even if my body of work lacked uniformity or cohesion to the galleries. For many of them, cohesion is key; but for me art has been a search that I could only document through an eclectic aesthetic. “Why can't you stick to one subject or approach? I don’t know. Maybe because the emotional variant in a human being is more important to me than style.

On the other hand, there’s the “one shoe fits all” approach constantly pitched to independent artists. “You need more followers, have you tried this platform? you need more selfies, do a vlog, do what works for other artists! I can tell you how!" The voices out there are as many and endless as the voices in my head. And yet, most had nothing to do with what I do, my vision, mission or what being an artist means to me.

Before I became an artist, I was an aspiring actor. Art opened a door of autonomy and exploration that I was not finding memorizing other people's lines. Perhaps I’ve approached my art as roles in plays or movies. When did art become "-You must only play cowboys or villains.”? Don't get me wrong, I admire and studied plenty artists who develop a single style and one subject matter their whole and body of work. But that is their search and who they are. 

Who I am is an artist with an obsessive-compulsive personality. The obsessions come and go, but worse than the "fitting in" dilemma is my mood when I don't creatively address or execute those obsessions because I'm being mindful of "fortuna critica" or slipped into the "mob psychology". I became an artist to claim my human individuality, to find out who I was and my role in this world.  "The creator cannot follow the well-trodden path, he has to search out his own way, he has to inquire in the jungles of life, he has to go alone, he has to be a dropout from the mob mind, from the collective psychology" said Osho.

I don’t know what’s in store for independent artist from this point on. But I do believe this moment we’re living in, though uncertain and critical, is the perfect opportunity to reexamine our path and continue to find our autonomy and independence in all aspects of our existence. 

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